AI Sex Video Generators

Have you ever wondered what the future of adult entertainment might look like? With rapid advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) technology, AI sex video generators are revolutionizing the porn industry. These advanced tools use machine learning algorithms to create hyper-realistic, customized adult videos from text prompts. 

From anime to cinematic styles, AI porn generators offer an endless array of uncensored content customized to your wildest fantasies. Curious to explore the top AI sex video maker tools of 2024? Dive into our comprehensive guide on the best AI porn video generators for an immersive, futuristic experience.

What are AI Sex Video Generators?

Top AI Sex Video Generators

Top AI Sex Video GeneratorsPrice (Starting from)
PornX AI$24.99 for 800 Tokens
Seduced AI$25 per month
DreamGF$9.99 per month
SoulGen AI$7.58 per month
PornJourney€14.99 per month
Promptchan AI$9.59 per month
Sexy AI$14.99 per month
PornJoy$5.99 per month
DeepSwap$9.99 per month
Candy AI$5.99 per month (billed annually)

1. PornX AI

PornX AI

PornX AI is a leading platform that generates high-quality adult images and videos. It uses advanced AI technology to create realistic and visually appealing pornographic content based on user prompts and preferences. The tool employs state-of-the-art AI models and algorithms to generate adult images and videos. 

Users can provide textual descriptions known as prompts specifying the desired content such as specific actions, poses, or scenarios. The AI system then processes these prompts and generates corresponding images or videos. Users can choose from various models, filters, and options to customize the generated content

PornX AI Key Features

  • AI Image Generation: PornX AI allows users to create high-quality pornographic images by providing textual prompts and selecting desired filters or models.  Users have control over various aspects like styles (semi-realism, photorealism, anime, cartoons), poses, actions, and scenarios.
  • AI Video Generation: In addition to still images, it supports the generation of seamless adult videos based on user prompts and preferences.  This enables users to craft unique video content customized to their desires.
  • Custom Face Integration: A standout feature of PornX AI is the ability to incorporate custom faces into the generated content. Users can upload their desired faces, and the AI will integrate them into the images or videos creating personalized adult content.

PornX AI Pros and Cons


  • Generates high-quality adult images and videos.
  • Customizable content based on user preferences.
  • Allows custom face integration for personalization.
  • Offers private generation for premium users.
  • Provides a community hub for exploration.


  • Potential for misuse or unethical content.
  • Limited control over generated content quality.
  • May promote unrealistic body standards/expectations.
  • Ethical concerns around AI-generated adult content.

2. Seduced AI

Seduced AI

Seduced AI is a leading adult video generation platform that empowers users to create personalized adult content. This platform allows for the generation of NSFW (Not Safe For Work) videos serving an array of fantasies and desires. By using advanced AI models, Seduced AI offers unparalleled customization options enabling users to specify characters, settings, and scenarios to their liking. The process is straightforward and user-friendly; individuals simply select their desired AI model and input their specific requirements to generate unique, intimate videos within seconds. 

Seduced AI stands out for its commitment to privacy and customization providing a “Generate in Private mode” feature for enhanced discretion. Furthermore,  The tool is intended for users above the age of 18 and requires adherence to legal and ethical guidelines. It aims to provide a platform for users to explore their creativity and fantasies while maintaining strict standards to ensure responsible use of the technology.

Seduced AI Key Features

  • Realistic AI Models: Seduced AI offers a variety of realistic AI models that generate high-quality, photo-realistic images. These models are trained on extensive datasets allowing users to create lifelike adult content tailored to their preferences.
  • Anime AI Models: In addition to realistic models, Seduced AI provides anime-style AI models for users interested in generating anime and hentai content. These models capture the distinctive art style and aesthetics of Japanese animation.
  • AI Extensions for Fetish Content: Seduced AI provides a collection of AI extensions that empower users to generate fetish content beyond the standard capabilities of AI generators. These extensions, which may be exclusive to certain AI models, include options like “Bimbo Tits,” “Hyperbimbo,” “POV BJ,” “Futanari,” and many more.
  • Video Generation: Seduced AI recently introduced the ability to generate smooth porn videos of up to 6 seconds in length. This feature allows users to create dynamic and engaging adult content in video format, further expanding the possibilities for creative expression.

Seduced AI Pros and Cons


  • Realistic and anime-style AI models available.
  • Extensive customization options for personalized content.
  • Private image generation for enhanced discretion.
  • AI extensions for generating fetish content.
  • Video generation capability for dynamic content.


  • Potential for misuse or unethical content.
  • Dependence on AI may limit creativity.
  • Legal and ethical concerns surrounding AI-generated content.

3. DreamGF

DreamGF - AI porn Generator

DreamGF is an innovative AI-powered platform that allows users to create their own virtual AI girlfriends for intimate interactions and adult entertainment. With DreamGF's intuitive AI girlfriend generator, users can customize their dream girl's appearance, personality, interests, and more to bring their fantasies to life. The AI technology enables realistic conversations, sexting, and photo generation providing an immersive experience customized to individual preferences.

To use DreamGF, users simply register for an account and access the AI girlfriend builder. They can mix and match various features like face, body, clothing, and personality traits to create their ideal virtual companion. Once generated, users can interact with their AI girlfriend through chat, request personalized content, and explore different scenarios and roleplay possibilities. The platform also ensures user privacy and adheres to legal age restrictions for adult content.

DreamGF Key Features

  • Customizable AI Girlfriend Builder: Create your dream virtual companion by customizing various attributes like appearance, personality, interests, and even fetishes. The intuitive builder tool allows you to mix and match different features until you find the perfect combination.
  • Interactive AI Chat: Engage in immersive conversations with your AI girlfriend through the advanced chat system. The AI is trained to respond naturally, mimicking real-life interactions. You can chat, roleplay, and request personalized content.
  • AI-Generated Visual Content: One of the standout features is the ability to request AI-generated images and visuals during the chat. The AI detection tool can generate realistic images based on your specific prompts and requests including NSFW content.
  • Voice Messaging: Take your virtual relationship to the next level by exchanging voice messages with your AI girlfriend. This feature adds a human-like touch and enhances the emotional connection.
  • Fetish Generator: Explore your wildest fantasies with the Fetish Generator. This innovative tool allows you to create unconventional and fetish-related content in a safe and judgment-free environment.

DreamGF Pros and Cons


  • Highly customizable AI girlfriend creation experience.
  • Realistic AI conversations and roleplaying capabilities.
  • AI-generated visual content on demand.
  • Explore unconventional fetishes in a safe environment.


  • Potential for unhealthy attachment to virtual relationships.
  • Ethical concerns around AI-generated adult content.
  • Privacy and data security risks.

4. SoulGen AI

SoulGen AI

SoulGen AI is a leading AI art generator that creates stunning, realistic images of anime and human characters from text prompts. This advanced AI magic tool empowers users to bring their creative visions to life effortlessly, generating personalized artwork in mere seconds. What sets SoulGen apart is its ability to smoothly blend the worlds of reality and anime

Users can input text descriptions of their dream characters, and SoulGen's advanced algorithms will interpret the prompts to generate visually alluring results. The AI image generator offers endless customization options, allowing users to refine details and create truly unique masterpieces.

Its user-friendly interface makes the creation process simple and enjoyable. In just three stepsinputting a prompt, letting the AI work its magic, and personalizing the generated image – users can craft their perfect AI characters. The platform also offers features like AI outpainting, which expands images beyond the original frame, and the ability to create lookalike characters based on reference photos.

SoulGen AI Key Features

  • AI Image Generation from Text Prompts: SoulGen AI allows users to create stunning, realistic images of anime and human characters simply by entering text descriptions. The advanced AI algorithms interpret the prompts and generate high-quality, customized artwork in seconds.
  • AI Portrait Generator: Users can upload reference photos and ask SoulGen to create anime or photo-realistic portraits that resemble celebrities, friends, or any desired person. The AI portrait generator produces lookalike characters with accurate facial features and details.
  • AI Image Editing: SoulGen empowers users to edit their generated images using simple text prompts. The AI tool can add, extend, or remove content from pictures, giving users unlimited creative control and the ability to bring their imagination to life.
  • AI Outpainting: With the AI Outpainting feature, users can expand their images beyond the original frame. By resizing the picture and entering text prompts, SoulGen can add new elements like backgrounds, characters, and more, allowing for never-ending image exploration.
  • Multiple Unique Styles: SoulGen offers a variety of artistic styles for users to choose from, including anime, realistic, and DreamLens (beta). This allows users to create diverse and unique characters that suit their preferences.

SoulGen AI Pros and Cons


  • Realistic AI-generated images from text prompts.
  • Create lookalike portraits from reference photos.
  • AI image editing with text commands.
  • Expand images with AI Outpainting feature.
  • Multiple artistic styles for diverse creations.


  • Requires payment for unlimited image generations.
  • AI may not always interpret prompts accurately.
  • Generated images may lack unique artistic style.
  • Potential for misuse in creating fake content.

5. PornJourney

Pornjourney AI

PornJourney is an innovative platform that utilizes advanced artificial intelligence to generate high-quality AI porn images, AI hentai, and AI porn videos. This AI adult video generator allows users to create personalized adult content customized to their specific desires. By using state-of-the-art AI algorithms, PornJourney enables users to bring their wildest fantasies to life in a realistic and immersive manner. The platform offers a user-friendly interface making it easy for individuals to input their preferences and generate unique, AI-powered pornographic content. 

With its focus on delivering customizable and lifelike adult entertainment, PornJourney is revolutionizing the way people experience and interact with AI-generated porn. As a leading AI porn generator, it provides users with the tools to explore their sexuality and indulge in their deepest desires all while ensuring a safe and secure environment for creating and consuming AI-generated adult content.

PornJourney Key Features

  • AI Hentai Generator: PornJourney's AI Hentai Generator allows users to create unique NSFW (Not Safe for Work) anime content tailored to their specific preferences. The AI algorithms capture the distinctive style of hentai while offering extensive customization options.
  • AI Girl Generator: The AI Girl Generator enables users to generate realistic images of both real girls and anime characters. Users can fine-tune details such as ethnicity, body shape, hair color, and more to create their ideal AI-generated models.
  • AI Porn Video Generator: Although still in beta, PornJourney's AI Porn Video Generator provides premium users with the capability to generate dynamic, engaging adult videos. This feature brings a new dimension to AI-powered adult content creation.
  • Hyper-Realistic AI-Generated Content: PornJourney AI is renowned for generating incredibly lifelike and detailed adult content. The platform's advanced algorithms meticulously render every aspect of the human body resulting in images that are remarkably realistic.

PornJourney Pros and Cons


  • Generates ultra-realistic AI porn and hentai.
  • Extensive customization options for personalized content.
  • “Keep This Girl” feature for consistent models.
  • Innovative “Undress AI” transforms clothed to nude.


  • Unable to generate male figure images.
  • Potential for misuse or unethical applications.
  • May raise complex legal and consent issues.

6. Promptchan AI

PromptChan Ai Video generator

Promptchan AI is a leading unrestricted AI image generator specializing in NSFW content. The platform uses advanced AI technology to create and explore a wide range of adult-themed images and videos online including anime, realistic, and fantasy options. Users can browse community posts, clone prompts, and customize their own AI characters from text to image with no censorship imposed.

The platform allows users to create their Dream Girl by processing input as per their preferences and generating an unlimited number of AI characters in hyperreal, anime, and real styles. The generated images are meticulously categorized for easy browsing with options to sort by top featured, newest, and all models, as well as hyperreal, anime, and real types.

PromptChan AI Key Features

  • Create Your Dream Girl: One of the standout features of Promptchan AI is the “Create Your Dream Girl” function. This tool allows users to input their preferences and generate an unlimited number of AI characters in hyperreal, anime, and real styles. The generated images are meticulously categorized for easy browsing, with options to sort by top featured, newest, and all models, as well as hyperreal, anime, and real types.
  • Image Customization: Promptchan AI also offers image customization features such as upscaling and enhancing details and resolution for specific images. This allows users to create high-quality, personalized images that meet their specific needs and preferences.
  • Community Posts and Clone Prompts: The platform allows users to browse community posts and clone prompts to customize their own AI character from text to image. This feature fosters a sense of community and collaboration among users allowing them to share and build upon each other's creations.
  • Uncensored Content: Promptchan AI imposes no censorship, allowing users to generate any AI porn they desire. This makes it a popular choice for users looking to explore and create adult-themed content without restrictions.

Promptchan AI Pros and Cons


  • Uncensored content creation.
  • High-quality image generation.
  • Efficient processing speed.
  • Variety of customization options.
  • Active community for inspiration.


  • NSFW focus may not appeal to all.
  • Ethical concerns and potential misuse.
  • Limited mobile app functionality.
  • Potential for abuse due to anonymity.

7. Sexy AI

Sexy AI

Sexy AI is an innovative erotic video generator that brings enticing fantasies to life. This platform uses high-end artificial intelligence to create tantalizing adult content, catering to varied desires and preferences including hentai, furry, realistic, and LGBTQ+ themes. The AI generator offers unparalleled control through its advanced settings panel allowing users to fine-tune every aspect of their creations. 

With a focus on detail and realism, Sexy AI produces high-quality, AI-generated porn that blurs the line between fantasy and reality. To use Sexy AI, users simply need to input their preferences and let the AI work its magic. The platform offers both image and video generation capabilities enabling users to bring their wildest dreams to life.

Sexy AI Key Features

  • Advanced AI Image and Video Generation: Sexy AI uses advanced algorithms to create high-quality, realistic adult images and videos. The AI generator can produce content serving various desires and preferences including hentai, furry, realistic, and LGBTQ+ themes.
  • Customizable Settings Panel: The platform offers an advanced settings panel that allows users to fine-tune every aspect of their AI-generated content. This unparalleled control enables users to bring their wildest fantasies to life with incredible detail and realism.
  • Personal Galleries: Sexy AI features personal galleries where users can store and access their AI-generated masterpieces. This feature makes it easy for users to manage and enjoy their custom adult content.
  • Thriving Community: Sexy AI boasts a vibrant community of hundreds of thousands of creatives who explore the platform, share their creations, and find inspiration. Users can connect with like-minded individuals through the Sexy AI Discord community and subreddit.
  • Constant Evolution: The Sexy AI platform is constantly evolving, pushing the boundaries of what's possible with AI-generated adult content. Users can expect exciting new features and enhancements that ensure they always have access to the latest and greatest in erotic entertainment.

Sexy AI Pros and Cons


  • Advanced AI-generated adult content creation.
  • Highly customizable settings for personalized content.
  • Supports various themes and preferences.
  • Thriving community for inspiration and sharing.
  • Constant evolution and new features added.


  • Requires an active subscription for access.
  • AI-generated content may lack human touch.
  • Potential for addiction or overuse.
  • Ethical concerns surrounding AI-generated adult content.

8. PornJoy.AI

PornJoy AI

PornJoy is an AI-powered platform that generates personalized sex videos based on user preferences. Using advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to create realistic and customizable explicit content tailored to individual tastes. The platform offers a diverse range of AI models including realistic, hentai, anime, and 3D animation styles. Users can extensively customize characters, poses, scenarios, and other details to generate unique content that aligns with their specific desires.

To generate a video, users select their preferred categories such as character types, body types, ages, ethnicities, hair colors and styles, outfits, and locations. The AI then analyzes this input and generates the requested video. The platform’s AI technology is based on deep learning and neural networks that study vast datasets of adult content to identify patterns and styles, enabling the creation of original explicit videos. It is recognized for its user-friendly interface, high-quality video output, speedy generation, and the ability to fine-tune content using specific prompts.

PornJoy AI Key Features

  • Diverse AI Models: PornJoy offers a variety of AI models to generate adult content, including realistic, semi-realistic, hentai, and 3D animation styles. This allows users to explore different artistic representations and serve their specific preferences.
  • Customizable Characters: Users can extensively customize various aspects of the characters they wish to generate such as body type, age, ethnicity, hair color, and style, outfits, and locations. This level of personalization ensures that the generated content aligns with the user's desired specifications.
  • Aspect Ratio Selection: PornJoy provides an “Aspect Ratio” feature that allows users to select the desired frame or aspect ratio for their generated images. This flexibility accommodates different display formats and ensures optimal viewing experiences.
  • Prompt and Negative Prompt: The platform incorporates a prompt system where users can input specific text descriptions to guide the AI in generating the desired content. Additionally, a negative prompt option enables users to exclude certain elements or themes from the generated images.
  • Feature Request Option: PornJoy encourages user engagement by offering a feature request option allowing users to submit suggestions for desired features or improvements. This collaborative approach helps shape the platform's future development.

PornJoy AI Pros and Cons


  • Highly customizable AI-generated adult content options.
  • Diverse range of artistic styles available.
  • Prompt system allows precise content control.
  • Regularly updated with new features/improvements.


  • Potential privacy concerns with adult content.
  • May require technical knowledge for customization.
  • Availability and legality varies across regions.

9. DeepSwap

DeepSwap porn video

DeepSwap is a powerful AI-driven video generator that allows users to create realistic and high-quality videos with just a few clicks. The platform uses advanced deep-learning algorithms to generate videos that are almost indistinguishable from real-life footage. One of the most popular applications of DeepSwap is in the creation of AI sex videos.

Using DeepSwap to create AI sex videos is a simple and straightforward process. Users can start by selecting a video template from the platform's extensive library or uploading their own footage. Next, they can choose from a diverse range of AI-generated avatars to feature in their video. These avatars are designed to be highly customizable allowing users to select their preferred ethnicity, gender, outfit, and persona.

Once the avatar has been selected, users can input text instructions to guide the AI in generating the video. The platform's AI video generator uses NLP to interpret these instructions and create a video that matches the user's specifications. The result is a highly realistic and lifelike video that can be used for a variety of purposes. DeepSwap's AI sex videos are particularly popular due to their ability to create realistic and convincing adult content without the need for real-life actors.

DeepSwap Key Features

  • Real-Time Processing: DeepSwap's real-time processing capabilities allow users to create instant face swaps without the need for time-consuming rendering. This feature makes it easy for users to see the results of their edits in real time, allowing for quick and easy adjustments.
  • Wide Range of Formats: DeepSwap supports a diverse range of formats, including videos, audio, images, and texts. This feature gives users the freedom to choose the way their generated content is presented, making it a versatile choice for a variety of use cases.
  • Extensive Customization: DeepSwap offers multiple options for personalized and creative outputs. Users can choose from a range of customization options to create unique and engaging face swaps that meet their specific needs.
  • Multi-Face Capability: DeepSwap's advanced algorithm can produce multiple faces, making it easy to create complex edits for group photos or scenes with multiple characters. This feature makes it a popular choice for users looking to create realistic and engaging face swaps with multiple people.
  • AI Video Generator: DeepSwap's unique AI Video Generator allows users to integrate their own faces into existing videos. This feature makes it easy for users to recreate famous roles and participate in viral memes, making it a popular choice for users looking to create engaging and entertaining content.

DeepSwap Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use, beginner-friendly interface.
  • High-quality, realistic face swap results.
  • Supports multiple formats: images, videos, GIFs.
  • Fast processing for quick content creation.
  • Secure platform, prioritizes user data privacy.


  • Some features limited to paid plans.
  • Requires high-quality images for best results.
  • Potential for misuse in creating fake content.
  • Processing speed depends on the internet connection.

10. Candy AI

Candy AI is an innovative AI-powered platform that allows users to generate realistic and personalized AI sex videos. Using advanced deep learning technology, Candy AI enables users to create their ideal virtual girlfriend and engage in immersive, intimate experiences. The AI girlfriend generator offers a wide range of customization options, including physical features, personality traits, and clothing preferences. Users can interact with their AI companions through text-based conversations, exploring various scenarios and fantasies. 

The AI chatbot learns from these interactions, providing increasingly personalized and engaging responses. Additionally, Candy AI's advanced image generation capabilities allow users to request specific poses, outfits, and settings, resulting in unique, high-quality visuals of their AI girlfriend. With a focus on privacy and data security, Candy AI ensures that all user interactions and generated content remain confidential. Whether users seek a committed virtual relationship or exciting casual encounters, Candy AI delivers a realistic and satisfying AI girlfriend experience.

Candy AI Key Features

  • AI Image Generator: Candy AI's AI Image Generator is a groundbreaking feature that transforms simple text prompts into high-quality, realistic AI images. Users can select or create an anime character and describe their desired scene, outfit, pose, or action.
  • High-Quality AI Companions: The platform offers high-quality AI-generated companions capable of engaging in human-like conversations. Whether users are looking for deep conversations, exciting role-playing journeys, or chatting through voice messages, Candy AI's advanced AI companions provide an experience so lifelike it feels like speaking to a real person.
  • AI Girl Influencer: Candy AI introduces the concept of an AI Girl Influencer, allowing users to engage with virtual companions for immersive and personalized chats. These AI characters offer more than just visual appeal; they are designed to be interactive partners providing companionship and intimacy through intricate dialogues.
  • NSFW AI Chatbot: For those seeking a more adult-themed interaction, Candy AI's NSFW AI Chatbot offers an unmatched fantasy experience. This feature allows users to engage in unrestricted conversations with AI companions, exploring sensual and erotic dialogues with no limits.
  • AI Sexting App: Candy AI's AI Sexting App feature provides a secure and private platform for engaging in flirtatious and intimate text exchanges with AI virtual girls. It emphasizes safety and privacy ensuring that all interactions remain confidential, allowing users to sext away to their heart's content without fear of judgment or breach of privacy.

Candy AI Pros and Cons


  • Immersive, personalized AI companion chats.
  • Wide variety of realistic, anime characters.
  • Adaptive role-play for engaging experiences.
  • Customizable AI avatars and personalities.
  • Offers companionship and entertainment value.


  • Conversations may lack emotional depth.
  • Premium plans can be expensive.
  • Focuses heavily on adult content.
  • Can make errors, causing inconsistencies.

How do AI Sex Video Generators Work?

Sexual Pleasure

AI Sex Video Generators analyze extensive datasets of explicit content to learn patterns and styles enabling them to generate new, unique adult content tailored to user preferences. The process typically involves inputting specific prompts or customization options which the AI uses to create a storyboard outlining the sequence of scenes and their respective visual elements. This storyboard acts as a blueprint for the video ensuring that the generated content follows a logical and coherent structure.

Once the AI video generator has gathered the necessary information, it proceeds to apply various video editing techniques to bring the video to life. Transitions, effects, and audio integration are just a few examples of the editing techniques employed. These techniques add depth and polish to the video making it visually appealing and engaging for the audience. AI Sex Video Generators are versatile tools that serve users looking for artistic expressions from cinematic masterpieces to playful animations.

As technology continues to advance, these adult video generators are becoming increasingly sophisticated offering a range of customization options and art styles. They are revolutionizing the way adult content is created by automating the process making it more efficient and accessible. 

FAQs Related to AI Sex Video Generators

How Do AI Sex Video Generators Work?

AI Sex video generators use generative AI models trained on large datasets of videos and images to synthesize new pornographic content from text descriptions or prompts.

Are AI-Generated Porn Videos Legal?

The legality is a gray area as laws have not caught up with the technology. However, distributing non-consensual fake explicit content could potentially violate laws.

Can AI Sex Videos Spread Misinformation?

Yes, there are risks of AI being misused to create non-consensual deepfake pornography or spread misinformation by fabricating explicit content.

How Realistic are AI-generated Porn Videos?

The latest generative AI models can produce hyper-realistic videos that are increasingly difficult for humans to distinguish from real footage.

Are there any Ethical Concerns with AI Porn?

Major concerns include consent issues, objectification, the potential for harassment/revenge porn, and the psychological impact on viewers struggling to differentiate reality from AI.

Can AI Porn be Detected?

Detecting AI-generated explicit content is an emerging challenge. Existing misinformation detection models may struggle with the latest AI capabilities.

How Can I Use an AI Porn Video Generator?

Many websites offer AI porn generators that let you input text prompts to automatically generate explicit videos, often for a fee.

End Note

That was quite a ride, right? We have so far explored the top 10 AI Sex Video generators currently available. These tools use advanced algorithms to create highly realistic and immersive adult content. From customizable virtual partners to interactive storylines, these generators are pushing the boundaries of what's possible in terms of digital intimacy. While some may view this technology as controversial, it's clear that AI is transforming the adult entertainment industry. 

As we look to the future, one can't help but wonder: Will AI-generated erotic content eventually replace traditional pornography altogether? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain – the intersection of AI and human sexuality is an area ripe for further exploration and discovery.

What new frontiers will be unlocked as this technology continues to upscale?

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